residential tree removal services Dubuque, IA

Do You Need a Change of Scenery?

Consider our tree trimming and removal services

Trees create beautiful scenery around your property, but overgrown or damaged trees can put your property at risk. Douglas Timber Solutions is an experienced tree care company specializing in hazardous tree trimming and tree removal services. We'll provide a full tree risk assessment and safely remove any unwanted or damaged trees without disturbing the rest of your property.

Schedule our professional tree removal services today by calling or texting us at 563-495-2143. We can travel anywhere throughout the tri-state region.

Check for problem trees in your yard

While trees are great for the environment and for your landscape, some trees just need to be removed. It's important to be on the lookout for hazardous trees in your yard. Turn to Douglas Timber Solutions when you notice:

  • Trees have been damaged in a storm.
  • Trunks are growing crooked or leaning.
  • Branches are too close to power lines.
  • Trees are ridden with rot or disease.
  • Roots are growing close to the surface.

Whether for safety or aesthetics, Douglas Timber Solutions will carefully remove your dangerous tree so the rest of your property remains intact. Schedule a consultation today. Call or text us at 563-495-2143 .